Saturday, October 6, 2012

Want A Cuckold Sissy Husband? New Tips On Cuckolding Your Husband!

So, you want a cuckold sissy husband? Most women struggle and fail. What I will do is give you some very simple - yet fantastically powerful - steps to help in cuckolding your husband.

Oh boy do I ever!
A husband must, of course, WANT to be cuckolded. Brainwashing is a no-no (I know... such a shame!). So get his agreement.

Rules, rules... and, you guessed it, MORE rules
Next up, lay down the new rules of your relationship. Your relationship has transitioned. You need new rules to govern it.

Half the rules will relate to feminization aimed at creating a cuckold sissy husband. For instance he is no longer allowed sexual interactions with you (unless you give them as treats). He may also be required to ACT more feminine, to agree to everything you say, to abstain from masturbation, and to dress as a woman.

The other half of the rules relate to YOU. You will have boyfriends and men in your life (and women, if you swing that way!). You will not kiss your husband or do anything sexual. You will not do the dishes or clean the house. So on and so on.

Sexual release
You have got agreement from him and laid down the rules. To make cuckolding your husband EASIER you must stop his sexual release. So, no sexual fun or masturbation. This will put him in a near-constant state of sexual arousal. It makes it easier for him to live within the new rules you established.

Last - but CERTAINLY not least - the "bull" boyfriend
You have done everything right. All that remains is to get yourself a "bull" boyfriend. This can be a man who you have either an emotional or a physical relationship with - or both. Generally, he is more endowed than your new cuckold sissy husband. This final step in cuckolding your husband will cement your new relationship and TEST it. Because if, after meeting with your boyfriend, your husband is still happy, then you know that you have succeeded.


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